Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together

Latest minutes

  1. RCN reacted quickly to the 1% offer by talking about building up a strike fund. In Leeds a couple of people took a placard and banner to St. James and posted pics. The Labour Party are saying the staff should get the promised 2% but this is only £7 a week for many. Lots of workers are losing out on pay rises but to hold back on supporting NHS staff is to join a race to the bottom. 97,000 nurses have moved out of their nursing jobs in the last 10 years and a large proportion of the workforce is over 55, so coming up to retirement.
  2. Vocare started off in Scarborough, where some staff were tuped over, and is now embedded in York as well, providing GP out of hours service and a minor injuries clinic. They started off small and GP owned but have been bought out by Totally Ltd – see Jenny Shepherd’s blog
  3. Calderdale Scrutiny Board is challenging whether there will be sufficient support in place within the community to justify/enable the planned reduction in hospital beds by 155 and reduction from two to one intensive care units.
  4. In Craven half of the GP practices are run by Modality and Grassington surgery has been run down and amalgamated with a practice in Ilkley. People are also being sent to Skipton and other towns for Covid vaccinations and the notion of a local GP service is fast disappearing
  5. Leeds Hospital Alert have been taking the lead campaigning against the panned closures of 2 Local Authority homes one of which provides invaluable respite care. Meanwhile Villa Care continue to run 5 transit wards in Leeds and Wharfedale Hospitals – insourcing privatisation again !

Full minutes: https://leedskeepournhspublic.files.wordpress.com/2021/03/yorkshire-health-campaigns-together-meeting-12.3.21.pdf

You can register for  some or all of the fortnightly wed evening sessions of  KONP’s People’s Inquiry Into Covid at :  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_DbK_8P-rRgm5VVsUebTKbw

We are pencilled in for a Yorkshire demonstration for the NHS in Leeds on Saturday 10th July

If you haven’t visited Leeds KONP In the Dark exhibition yet, you can visit directly by clicking: https://www.artsteps.com/view/6053a99418b3ed388c99fc32

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