Media coverage of #YorkshirelovesNHS march

At least 25,000 postcards were distributed , Radio Aire, Radio Leeds , Capitol and Bradford Community radio all broadcast  interviews before the march. There was film coverage on Saturday evening from BBC and Yorkshire TV and from Made in Leeds TV on Monday.  See links :




Made in Leeds TV  6pm “On the Aire”: 

The Yorkshire Evening Post posted a piece at the weekend

and printed a large pic and write up on Monday.


All of the media coverage was positive although most referred to hundreds of marchers , not thousands !


Leeds Keep Our NHS Public website has quite a few pics and a number of video clips on Leeds KONP facebook : 

There is an excellent little film from Unity News posted by Melissa Darcy on Monday which has some fantastic footage of the samba band’s exciting final number  ( about 3 mins in)  as well as footage of the CK999 NHS Detectives Street theatre outside Virgin which most of us will have missed.


 Save Huddersfield Royal Infirmary have lots on their facebook too. See : .

Join us on 12th in O’Neills at 6.30pm, we’re not stopping


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