West Yorkshire and national updates

Regional centralisation
Mid Yorks Hospital neurology service on life support More than half the consultant left and it looks like services will be centralized at Leeds. Alan noted that microbiology has gone from Bradford and St. James and is all now in LGI.

Mental health
There is massive pressure on mental health beds in Leeds and out of area placements still being made. There are also people waiting to be sectioned because the approved mental health worker is delaying assessment as they know there are no beds . People on Community Care Orders can also wait 2/3 weeks to be called in for re-assessment.

Warfarin home testing
Several people on warfarin being asked to buy their own analyser.

Leeds KONP and Hospital Alert attended and asked questions at a special , short Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board on the CCGs’ operational plans However they were only allowed to contribute at the end of the mtg . The Board refused to ratify the plans for the next 2 year as presented but said they would consider an e mail decision once given more info. There was a Joint Scrutiny meeting of chairs and reps from all the West Yorks Scrutiny Boards except Harrogate on 18th November. This expressed concerns around consultation, communication, governance etc and RESOLVED – That a more detailed forward plan around key milestones within the STP be presented to the next meeting of the Joint Committee for discussion. We understand that Harrogate will be invited to attend. This Committee is due to be held at 10am on Jan 23rd in the Civic Hall, Leeds and will be open to the public (so do come if you can!) Campaigners will also be writing to the Chairs of Scrutiny Committees beforehand..

Cancer in Yorkshire and the Humber
A report from Public Health England, NHS England, and Yorkshire Cancer Research. This is intended to provide the most up-to-date summary of the Yorkshire cancer story to date. Over the last 10 years, in line with England, the mortality rate from cancer has decreased significantly in Yorkshire and the Humber. However, the rate in 2013 was 300 deaths per 100,000 population, which is significantly higher than the rate for England, at 284 deaths per 100,000 population. There is also substantial variation in mortality rates within the region, from 237 deaths per 100,000 population in Hambleton, to 360 deaths per 100,000 population in Hull. For the majority of places incidence and mortality rates are correlated, as might be expected. However, some areas such as North East Lincolnshire show a comparatively lower incidence rate but a significantly higher mortality rate.

An ex Director of Public Health in Leeds suggests rural areas with poorer access to services are doing less well on survival rates, which seems particularly relevant when local services under the axe.

30 jobs under threat in York Hospital’s Cervical Cytology department Alex Ross in The Press, York, 19.12.16
Staff at York Hospital are facing the threat of redundancy after it was revealed a testing service would no longer be done in the city. Around 30 jobs are at risk in the Cervical Cytology department after NHS England awarded the contract to another site. The department is responsible for analysing smear tests for women across North Yorkshire and has done so for the last 16 years. However, York Hospital has confirmed to The Press they have lost the service and the move will take effect from April 1, 2017. The location of the new facility has not been disclosed.
Defend Our NHS York noted that this testing service is commissioned by NHS England not the local CCG so it is easier to slip under the radar.

Pontefract Hospital has lost significant services, ICU and neo natal special care are likely to go and the whole hospital could end up mainly outpatients. More pressure will be put on Barnsley and Pinderfields who are already struggling to pick up maternity from Dewsbury and will be under added pressure when/if Huddersfield A&E closes.

Airedale Hospital is vulnerable but not clear where cuts will come at present

Barnsley is already fighting to save its hyper acute stroke service and children’s services,

For National news and commentary – summaries from Dr John Puntis: konp-leeds-nhs-news-digest-nov-2016


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