KONP, STPs & Devo & Protests 

Join us tomorrow at this last KONP meeting before the school holidays. So much has been happening over the last few weeks on the political front that it is difficult to keep up but our new Tory foe  looks much like the other one, Jeremy Hunt has kept his boots on, the NHS continues to be decimated of funds and the latest instaprint  re-organisation of the NHS into 44 “footprints” ploughs on at great speed  driven by NHS Englands’s direction to cut hospital beds and services. 

At Keep OUR NHS PUBLIC’s national AGM/ Conference on Saturday John Lister put his finger on one of the dodges for minimising resistance when closing hospitals closing hospitals- run them down, create a recruitment crisis because staff don’t want posts in hospitals which are nose diving then look like patient champions when you say the hospital has to close because of issues re patient safety.

Come and join us for lively discussion about what is happening to our NHS,  help us plan  a “Health Campaigns  Together”  Conference in Leeds on Saturday 15th October,  unmask what is really behind the Sustainability and Transformation Plans  and hit the ground running in the autumn..

Just some events coming up round the country:


Sept. 17th  National Conference on S and TPs

Sat 24th Sept. Manchester Conference on Devolution and how this is tied in with STPs

And possible GIG UP OUR NHS in Millennium Square, Leeds  from 2pm

Sunday 2nd October Tory Party Conference Protest in Birmingham

For Leeds Keep Our NHS Public

NB For some pics of our contribution to the Anti Trident Protest in Leeds yesterday, see Leeds  KONP facebook


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