We shall not give up the fight, we have only started – join us in Leeds this week

We will not stand by and let career politicians and unlimitless greed of NHS England and private companies destroy the beloved service that our country built and sneak the profits into tax havens. The NHS is there for millions of patients and we will not stop fighting to bring back a service that invests back into the NHS, back into frontline care with doctors, nurses, AHPs, students.

We will not stand by and let our junior doctors suffer because politicians can’t make impossible efficiency cuts – join us this week in Leeds and fight for the NHS which has cared for your family and friends, the NHS that will continue to care for your children and future generations.

9th April  – Junior Doctors Strike venues and timings for LGI and Jimmys


10th April – Hands around our hospital – LGI – Brotherton Wing entrance, 5pm


Lobby your Leeds Labour MPs about the NHS Reinstatement bill if you haven’t already – https://labournhslobby.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/nhsbillqanda/


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