Skyline saved, Hands round our hospital, Yorkshire march for the NHS and more

Join us for “Hands Round Our Hospital” event on March 10th 5-7pm outside LGI. Supporting the NHS Reinstatement Bill  which we hope will get a hearing in Parliament on the following Day. As a change from always saying “No” and” Stop”, this development is one we can wholly support and shows people that we can get our NHS back! It aims to get the market out of our NHS and restore a publicly owned , provided and accountable, national health service.

Yorkshire March for the NHS on Sat April 16th in Leeds. The fantastic PCS Samba band are coming over from Manchester in record numbers to lead us round the City Centre in style.

Please sign these letters and petitions

Plus a film being released on you tube in parts: Groundswell – whose NHS – a grassroots journey:Part 1 (8 mins)  Parts 2, 3 and 4 will follow every Friday/Saturday to March 5th. See:

A victory – of sorts ! from BHA Leeds Skyline

12 Feb 2016 — We received confirmation that, despite the cuts in public health spending, Leeds City Council will not be removing the funding for the Leeds Skyline Support Service. The decision, does mean a reduction to funding but, at 5%, allows us to continue providing a good quality support service. Although commissioners and City Councillors were doing their best to save the service in the wake of large-scale cuts in public health spending by the government there is no doubt that the great campaign run by service users made a real difference.


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