Today’s message is clear – if you want an NHS, back the doctors & nurses, fight against the privatisation & marketisation of healthcare

LTHT Consultant John Puntis said

“there was a great turn out of junior doctors and supporters on the picket lines outside Leeds hospitals today. Faced with the threat of longer working hours and reduced pay, junior doctors across the country have set a brave example and taken a stand against a government bent on destroying the NHS as a comprehensive service available to all. Imposing a contract that will make doctors work longer hours for less pay with the disingenuous claim that ‘seven day working with no additional resources will improve patient care’, Mr Hunt clearly needs some basic lessons not only in statistics but also how to ensure there are future doctors around to run the service.

Meanwhile, the nurse staffing crisis is being constructively tackled by threatening to withdraw student bursaries, no doubt a huge encouragement to enter the profession. The message is clear – if you want an NHS, back the doctors and nurses, fight against the privatisation and marketisation of healthcare, a wasteful and retrograde policy promoted mainly by those whose aim is further redistribution of wealth from poor to rich.”

Another Leeds KONP supporter said

“Today members of Leeds Keep our NHS Public and Leeds Hospital Alert were proud to be outside our hospitals supporting junior  doctors in their fight to defend their jobs and make a stand for the future of the NHS.

The Government argues this is a pragmatic solution to an aging population and growing demand for health care but what is really at stake is a battle for the core values on which we think our society should be based. Bevan got it right. Cameron has got it so wrong. We must not let him destroy our health service and destroy our vision of what a decent society should look like. Health care for people not for profit.  Defend our NHS !”


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