A reply to Ed Miliband: from Calderdale

Hi Ed
I do want a government that is dedicated to the NHS, I work for it, I am proud of it, I am grateful to it. Would 2.5 billion be enough? I don’t know. Or because privatisation is ongoing, will it also just add more profit to private healthcare companies taking their share. I’m scared for the future of the NHS. Is it safer in your hands?

I am a member of the National Health Action Party, please listen to the many much more knowledgeable members than me and Save the NHS from privatisation.

We need to have a civilised society, that cares for vulnerable people, whether it’s for a day, a week, or for their whole life. 

Without abolishing privatisation, I fear we cannot have that society. And I find absolute trust in your party hard to come by, from past experience of the the three major parties. 

The NHS, I feel, is the springboard for a better future for me, for you and every citizen of the United Kingdom, not just in health and social care but also financially. I hear that the NHS has a fiscal muliplier of 1:8  Simples; take it back under the wing of the government, fight for it in TTIP negotiations, fight for it for itself. Result: a better future.

Convince me, that I should vote for you. 

On a happier note : I will never vote Conservative or UKIP.

My best regards

and p.s. It is already World Class.


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