Press Release: Dr Jacky Davis, expert radiologist to speak on NHS march as it passes through Leeds on 22nd / 23rd August

This Saturday hundreds of campaigners departed from Jarrow intent on delivering a petition calling on the government to be more transparent about it’s plans for the NHS. The March is expected to arrive in Leeds on the 23rd of August as it follow the route of the original 1936 march from Jarrow to Parliament.

Doctor Jacky Davis, a consultant radiologist at Whittington Hospital since 1981 who was called as a witness by the House of Commons Health Committee enquiry into Top-up fees in the NHS in 2009, will speak at the rally taking place in Leeds to welcome the marches into the city. Dr Davis has written at length on the impact healthcare reform has had on the NHS, previously expressing a worry that the NHS will become a two tier system.

“We fear NHS services being reduced to a core of poor services for poor people, with those who can afford it topping up their personal health budgets with insurance or out-of-pocket payments and those who can’t afford it going without.


The problem we have come to realize is that we aren’t just fighting the Tory government; we are fighting the global medical industrial complex with all its power, influence and money. And its cozy relationship with today’s politicians.”

Doctor Davis recently co authored ‘NHS SOS: How the NHS Was Betrayed and How We Can Save It’ with Ray Tallis which was published in 2013.

#darlomums with NHS campaigning banners

The march comes from Harrogate on the 22nd August, arriving in Leeds around 5.30pm and leaves Leeds the following morning around 9.30am to march to Wakefield. A number of campaigners intend to complete the route in full from Jarrow to Parliament, with a planned arrival date of 6th September.


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