What the Leeds Way means to our paediatrician John Puntis

Dr John Puntis, co-founder of Leeds Keep Our NHS Public met with other leading paediatricians from around the country at #OccupySSH on Saturday. Stafford residents have sent up camp at Staffs Hospital leaving grasping privatisers in no doubt that they will fight to keep their services for clinical as well as local reasons.



Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust has been defining what it calls The Leeds Way. This is his view

The Trust does not operate in a vacuum but is part of a national health service. The NHS is an amazing organisation: it manages 1 million patients every 36 hours; it deals with 15 million admissions each year; 10 million operations are performed annually; there are over 300 million GP consultations each year; A&Es see 61,000 patient per day; the NHS is ranked as one of the most cost effective, equitable and efficient services in the world.

Leadership practices that promote value led behaviours should include a celebration of the NHS and pride at being a part of this huge organisation. To ignore the fact the the NHS is under sustained ideological attack by a government bent on introducing payment for services is not ‘leadership’ but an abdication of responsibility for promoting a high quality and comprehensive service for the benefit of patients. Celebrate the public sector ethos of caring for one another; there is such a thing as ‘society’ and life is not just about making profits for shareholders.”

Dr Puntis will be walking with and welcoming the marchers on the People’s March for the NHS at Leeds Arts Gallery, 5.30pm 22nd August, come and join us.


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