Press release: Leeds citizens plan to join 300 mile historic march of 1936 to defend NHS against privatisation

People from around Leeds are coming together to organise for the upcoming march from Jarrow to Parliament which passes through Leeds on the 23rd of August in support of the NHS. Councillor for Moortown and Labour PPC for Leeds North West Alex Sobel said

“The Health and Social Care Act has opened the NHS up to competition from private providers, providers who are measurably less efficient.

This is why joining the March isn’t a choice for me it’s an obligation to everybody that needs the NHS now and in the future.”

Malcolm Morris, who has recently relied on the NHS for treatment said

“I have not been a regular beneficiary of the NHS myself but have always drawn comfort from knowing that by contributing to it through my taxes, I can help  provide for the well being of my peers across the length and breadth of our little group of nations, regardless of  their  condition or means.

To me the NHS stands for this nation standing up for each other at a time of need. A sharing of resources and a caring commitment to a better life for those in need at a crucial time. The creeping, underhand privatisation of the NHS is an imposed abrogation of a lifetime’s commitment for millions of people who didn’t ask for, vote for or need to change what has been fundamental to life in Britain for nearly seventy years. When I see the likes of Richard Branson who, along with other corporations have never taken an interest in the nation’s health generating profit for themselves is to debase a much loved institution.

I want to see the founding principles of the NHS restored and an end to corporate greed masquerading as greater efficiency.”

The Jarrow March of October 1936, took 207 men and their MP, Ellen Wilkinson on a march from Jarrow to London to present a petition to the Prime Minister demanding that something be done to end wide scale poverty and unemployment in the area. The people’s march for the NHS will take the exact route of the Jarrow Crusade and will present a similar petition.

The march comes from Harrogate on the 22nd August, arriving in Leeds around 5.30pm and leaves Leeds the following morning around 9.30am to march to Wakefield. A number of campaigners intend to complete the route in full from Jarrow to London.

Anybody intested in taking part can contact should visit Organisers would love help spreading the word and help with with food, accommodation, art, music, transport on the day.

Contact Joe Salmon:


One thought on “Press release: Leeds citizens plan to join 300 mile historic march of 1936 to defend NHS against privatisation

  1. I agree this is an historic movement. We shall not sit and watch our NHS is vanishing away.
    The present health and social act must be made null and void as this only helps private companies and opportunistic doctors who join those forces. It is our health and we people can defend our NHS.

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