The people in Stafford tell the world their own story

Imagine your neighbours going and setting up a tent to keep your NHS public. That is exactly what is happening in Stafford and the numbers are growing daily. The media have now been prevented from further reports on the protest camp which has been set up. You can follow their progress via Twitter, photos

Leeds KONP have had several people from Stafford visit our stall in the last year and the accounts they give of the situation that has occurred in Stafford Hospital and the consultations are not the same as the ones reported in the media.

More and more people, not just in Stafford have had enough of not being involved in decision making, fed up of seeing biased media reporting, fed up of politicians interfering and not listening to clinical and local evidence about what they want. Of course they want care that improves all the time, they want it in their hospitals, in their surgeries and healthcare facilities with an NHS which has the capability to do this if properly funded, away from small groups of interests that only want to make a profit.

Solidarity to Stafford Campaigners, an excellent example of people demonstrating clearly their views about keeping NHS services public and out of the hands of greedy privateers.


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