who said cuts were necessary?

A recent NHS Leeds engagement event shows that NHS Leeds are trying to find £135 million savings in 2015/16 and £550 million overall as part of a strategy they are required to submit to NHS England. Someone recently told us that this sounds like rationing of healthcare.

Who says we need to make cuts?

This country has plenty of money and it’s politicians who are trying to convince us that we need to accept their need for their friends to make profits out of our public services and so cuts are necessary. That is a lie (of many). Oxfam has shown not just this week that our country has huge inequality.

There is money which can be collected from corporate tax avoidance which can be reinvested into public services and provide the service that people want, not the service that a minority are trying to convince us that we want.  Where are our local politicians and MPs – why aren’t they doing more to get investment back into the NHS rather than embark on a politically led destruction of public services?

Dr Irvine has written a brilliant piece this week on why a local council buying out a PFI is helpful for the hospital but stresses that this is not necessary – this should come from the Treasury. It is possible to do this. This needs to feature in Labour’s policies. We have a majority Labour council in Leeds, so that is a lot of political support that should be shouting about this. Waiting for a Yorkshire style government will take too long, they need to act NOW with other local politicians.

A reversal of privatisation should be clearly outlined and they have been given an excellent view of how this might happen in Open Democracy’s submission which Leeds KONP support.

Killing us softly is not an option for 2015/16 we choose to accept ! See this new book for details



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