Part 2: Responses from Leeds local election candidates about privatisation of the NHS

Mike Davies, The Alliance for Green Socialism:

“The AGS is 100% behind the NHS as a publicly owned and publicly run service, free to its users. We are entirely opposed to privatisation in general and to the privatisation of the NHS in particular.”

Lisa Mulherin, Labour Chair of Health and Wellbeing Board, very kindly compiled a comprehensive Leeds response on behalf  of  quite a few of the Labour Party candidates, some highlights:

“I and my colleagues support the Labour Party policy of repealing the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and re-establishing the Secretary of State’s statutory duty to provide and secure a comprehensive health service “

“Ed Milliband and Shadow Secretary   of State  Andy Burnham, have both publicly committed to excluding the NHS from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”

“The Labour Party view is that free-market health care where private companies compete for contracts is not financially beneficial and will further fragment the system at a time when we are moving towards greater integration.”

“The Private Finance Initiative introduced by the previous Labour government enabled an immense backlog of work to be carried out to replace and modernise crumbling NHS hospitals neglected for many years by the Thatcher and Major governments. However, the repayments for some of these schemes are now quite crippling. In some cases these repayments have been written off, but here in Leeds they are having a significant impact on the budget of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Clearly a decision to abolish the Private Finance Initiative is a matter for the party nationally, but at the very least I would argue that we need a level playing field if services for people here in Leeds are not to suffer”

Lisa Mulherin’s response in full:  LisaMulherinKONP response – 21.05.14


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