Responses from Leeds local election candidates so far about privatisation of the NHS

In no particular order,

Neil Seepujak, Green Party Gipton and Harehills

“I’m horrified at the creeping privatisation of the NHS and was on the demo in Manchester last year. If elected I would do everything within my remit/power to keep the NHS Public.”

Martin Hughes, Lib Dem,  Kirkstall

“I support your campaign to the letter” “ Introducing a profit motive into the supply of key services in my view leads to a lower standard of supply as that profit has to come from somewhere”

Victoria Ward, Conservative, Horsforth

Would need to know more about issues regarding Repeal of the Act privatisation,  PFI etc. However she agrees with reinstating the Secretary of State’s duty to provide and secure a comprehensive health service and phasing out the provision of private health services.

Fiona Venner, Labour, Kirkstall

Agrees with all KONP’s aims except achieving the exemption of health from TTIP, with which she isn’t as familiar. Fiona has good knowledge of the NHS as she is the Director of a mental health charity. She wishes us to state that her views are her own and not those of the charity which is a non party political organisation.

Peter Exley, Green Party, Burmantofts

He sees opinions on the NHS are broadly in line with those of Keep Our NHS Public . He sees as priorities ending the sale of NHS assets to the private sector and making the NHS more transparent.

Kevin Ritchie,Labour  Bramley and Stanningley

“I wholeheartedly support all the aims promoted by KONP and will do what I can to work towards them” As a Labour Party member I will hold the leadership accountable to their promises eg Andy Burnham’s promise to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and Ed Milliband’s opposition to health and education being included in TTIP.

Clive Lord, Green Party, Calverley and Farsley

“if elected I will support and actively work towards all the goals of KONP. The Green Party is the only Party campaigning against the TTIP on principle”

Tim Atkin, Conservative Ardsley and Robin Hood

Feels unable to comment on a number of issues re Repeal of the Health and Social care Act, TTIP, PFI and the Purchaser Provider split but supports phasing out of the provision of NHS services by private companies.

Emma Carter, Green Party, Chapel Allerton

Feels that continued attempts by government to privatise parts of our NHS threatens the very principles our health service was founded upon. She is particularly concerned re TTIP.

“I feel that it is more important than ever to fight to keep the NHS in full public ownership , not letting sneaky underhand policies sell it off piece by piece.


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