The people of Calderdale want to keep our NHS public for everyone

A member of Leeds KONP attended the rally on Saturday, noting the awareness of the privatisation agenda amongst everyone at  the meeting. Questions were raised about PfI and the decisions made – the community is coming together to challenge the decisions now also made without their involvement. Gary Scott who is standing as a Green Party candidate in Skircoat organised the recent family Protest Amble and spoke about the need to put politics aside to fight, looking for non-traditional political answers.

Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker’s article – Halifax public meetings fights for our NHS

The Examiner’s article also noted that the decision was not being driven by clinicians, but by money as highlighted by the National Health Action party speaker, Judah Naveen.

Unison Band Together for the NHS are helping to co-ordinate the campaign where members of all parties are uniting to fight for our NHS. Josh Fenton-Glynn of Labour completed a 20 mile walk last week partly to highlight what it is like to travel in the area, please watch the video below for more information.

These consultations and decisions are being made across CCGs with Calderdale CCG, North Kirklees CCG, Greater Huddersfield CCG who are part of a 1o CCG-wide group known locally as the 10CC. When we asked about the role of the 10CC in Leeds before Christmas, a CCG said that they met to decide on services such as IVF to co-ordinate the understanding of how different people were affected in different locations.

North Kirklees CCG are responsible for the similar situation in Dewsbury. It is unclear of the role of the 10CC in these decisions and there is no transparency that we in LeedsKONP are aware of – it is unclear if they hold meetings that the public can attend or be involved with – but both the decisions in Dewsbury and the decisions in Calderdale affect both Leeds and Bradford Teaching Hospital Trusts.

A survey of 479 GPs across England shows

Where are the clinicians and other health professionals? How involved are members of the public? How engaged?

We are liaising more closely with groups across the campaigns in Yorkshire to achieve a greater understanding of what is happening, who and what are being affected.

Band Together for the NHS next meeting is in Leeds on 7th April, Commercial House, Wade Lane, Leeds at approx 5.30pm


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