Hello Leeds we need you

In case you haven’t noticed, the NHS is being privatised. Oh yes it is. GO AND SHOUT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the action happens at Quarry Hill, in that little hut next to the Playhouse where the Department of Health and some of NHS England hang out.

We would love to know what you think about it and we would love it even more if you would like to get involved. Anonymously is fine. Some things you can do – there’s something for everyone:

– if you like shouting, we have a demo coming up in March

– event planning, or performing, the more creative the better

– coming along to Health Council meetings and finding out how much pressure the NHS and public health budgets are facing

– joining patient groups at your local surgery and if possible arranging meetings where other patients can find out about what is happening in your area

– procurement and legal experience welcomed

– write to everyone you know including your MPs

– there are groups across Yorkshire with Keep our NHS public campaigns, we need help with joint events and travel assistance

– read NHS SOS, the Plot against the NHS so when your friends ask you questions you can dazzle them with your informative answers

We don’t want you to pay for your healthcare or even worse get seriously ill or die because of private health insurance. So join us and help us get these laws reversed before it’s too late. There’s a lot of people in Leeds who remember life before the NHS and in case you were wondering:


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