BMJ Summaries 09/12/13

  • Doctors fear that new CCG funding formula will downplay deprivation.“We do accept that areas with older people will need more money, but if you just do that alone you prejudice lots of cohorts of patients in the north who unfortunately die earlier.”
    He said that there was a risk of perpetuating inequality. “We feel very strongly about this,” he said. “If NHS England are
    serious about health inequalities they have to get deprivation right.”
  • A healthy market? Lack of transparency raises doubts about NHS commissioning. In Cambridgeshire the biggest ever NHS contract is up for grabs: an £800m (€960m; $1.3bn) five year deal to provide services for older people, including palliative care. Nine bidders—from NHS foundation trusts to outsourcing giants Serco, Virgin, and Circle—are through to the final round of the competition. But ask to see the tender specification and you’ll be disappointed. What’s clear is that the new style clinical commissioning is far from simple. Some, including private providers, are beginning to doubt whether competitive tendering is really transparent and whether the winners are ever really accountable.
  • Public hostility grows to private companies’ expansion in the NHS. The poll, which surveyed 1009 UK adults in October 2013, found that 47% of people disagreed with the statement, including 37% who strongly disagreed. This was a substantial increase from a poll in 2011, when 36% disagreed with the same statement, and just 16% strongly disagreed.

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