2013 update & 2 years of campaigning


February 2011: Several different groups, petition outside LGI
2nd April: 150 people in Millenium Square
14th May: 100 people march from Millennium Square to Briggate
28th May: 350 march from St. James to Library square
1st June: Talk by Wendy Savage at Civic Hall.
15th/22nd June: Leeds KONP spoke at Coalition of Resistance meetings.
18th June: Leafleting in Briggate
30th June: Leeds KONP attends J30 strikes
5th July: NHS 63rd birthday, leafleting in City Square
9th July: Leeds KONP at Gipton festival
16th July: Leeds KONP at Holbeck Gala and speak to Hillary Benn.
23rd July: Leeds KONP at Unity Day
7th August: Leeds KONP at Leeds Pride
3rd September: Stall in Headingley and lobbying by several groups of Greg Mulholland at his nearby surgery. Eventually he is one of 4 lib-dems who rebel in Commons vote.
6th September: Leeds KONP and others leaflet near City Square and pose with banner. Over 2000 leaflets given out.
2nd October: Leeds KONP/Leeds Against the Cuts/Unions arrange buses to Tory Conference in Manchester
14th October: Leeds KONP/Leeds Hospital Alert meet with Baroness Thornton
9th October: Leeds KONP members attend ‘block the bridge, block the bill’ protest on Westminster Bridge. UKuncut puts on one free bus from Leeds
22nd October: Leeds KONP attend “Hardest Hit” rally in Victoria Gardens http://thehardesthit.wordpress.com/
5th December: Leeds KONP members join a York group to protest outside the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York where Andrew Lansley was giving a speech.
5th November: Leeds KONP & Leeds Hospital Alert held stall in Briggate. 110 postcards signed on day, 140 given away.
25-27th November: Leeds KONP & Bradford KONP  attended “Raise your banners” in Bradford.
26th November: Leeds KONP had a 1hr workshop at Leeds Summat and a stall http://www.summat.org/
30th November: Leeds KONP plans to attend rally in Victoria Gardens.
3rd December: Leeds KONP holds stall in Briggate with our own xmas card design
10th December: Leeds KONP holds stall in Briggate with our own xmas card design
17th December: Leeds KONP holds stall in Briggate, NHS Xmas cards sent to Yorkshire lords


10th January: Getting postcards signed outside the Leeds General Infirmary
11th January: Getting postcards signed outside the Leeds General Infirmary and met visited York to talk with “York defend our NHS”
12th January: Getting postcards signed outside the Leeds General Infirmary
14th January: Leeds KONP members are joining the Leeds Against the Cuts stall at midday, middle of Briggate
15th January: One of our members took the postcards to London to give them to Downing Street. Bevans run is also ended at 2pm in London
27th January: A a number of Yorkshire medical staff met with Bishop Packer and Baroness Masham. A total of 35 people attended at the Bishop’s house.
28th January: Leeds KONP holds stall in Briggate
1st February: Signing postcards + leaflet outside LGI.
8th February: KONP protest, old palace yard, westminster  (1)
12th February: 10am KONP workshop with 10 people at Schumacher North, Swarthmore, Leeds
15th February: Regional conference ‘What is happening to our NHS” 7pm, Rosebowl, Leeds Metropolitian University. Prof. David Hunter and consultant John Puntis.
25th February: Tory Local Government Conference in Leeds. Leeds KONP joins protest march
7th March: Leeds KONP joins protesters in London
10th March: Leeds KONP protests outside Lib-dem conference
17th March: Leeds KONP stall in Briggate
19th March: Leeds KONP joins protest outside Gateshead Libdem conference. Health is one of main issues.
27th March: Leeds KONP joins Leeds Hospital Alert at a talk in St Andrews church, North Leeds.
31st March: Leeds KONP members attend conference in Sheffield ‘no to cuts, the alternative’
3rd March: Leeds KONP speaks at a meeting of Leeds anti-capitalists initiative
9th April:  Leeds KONP tea and ideas meeting.
21st April: Leeds KONP protests outside Virgin media, Leeds city centre
5th May: Leeds KONP joins Mayday march and members briefly protest outside virgin media shop.
10th May: Leeds KONP members attend strike in Millenium Square
12th May 1.30pm Leeds KONP protests outside Virgin media, Leeds city centre with support from Occupy Leeds
14th May Leeds KONP talks to RCN members outside the Harrogate conference over lunch time. Many are disgusted by Andrew Lansley
24th May KONP/defend our NHS/Socialist health activist meeting.
21st Jun ‘Save the NHS” by John Lister, Leeds KONP joins Leeds Hospital Alert 7pm Holy Trinity Church, Leeds
28th Jun: Regional KONP meeting in Leeds University.
30th Jun: KONP protest outside Virgin media, Leeds city centre
18th Aug: KONP stall outside Virgin media, Leeds city centre
29th Aug: KONP stall outside virgin media, Leeds city centre
19th Sep: Leeds KONP attends Leeds Trades Council meeting in build up to October 20th
29th Sep: KONP stall outside virgin media, Leeds city centre
30th Sep: KONP members join lobby of Labour Party outside Manchester conference
13th Oct: KONP stall outside Virgin media Leeds city centre
16th Oct: KONP members attend Leeds Hospital Alert meeting with West Leeds CCG
20th Oct: Leeds KONP joins TUC demo in London
1st Nov: KONP public meeting with councillor, broadcasting place, Leeds met.
19th Nov: KONP members join a Leeds Hospital Alert meeting with the Executive Board Member for Health & Wellbeing
23rd Nov: Leeds KONP members support initial meeting of 38degree members about North Leeds CCG>
29th Nov: ‘band together for the NHS’, organised by Unison.
5th Dec: Leeds KONP attends budget day protest in City Square
8th Dec: KONP stall outside Virgin media, Leeds city centre.


10th January: KONP regional strategy meeting (Leeds, York, Bradford, Sheffield… 7-9pm in the Boardroom at Broadcasting Place ( Leeds Met University) LS2 9EN. It’s on Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Fenton pub. In the right hand side of glass window, see here

24th January: KONP + 38degree members living in South + Leeds CCG area organise meeting with CCG. Info available shortly


16th February: 11-5pm Leeds Anti Cuts assembly at Broadcasting Place, Leeds Met.



AND THEN from February onwards Leeds KONP will continue to meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at the George pub. Please contact us leedskonp@yahoo.co.uk see facebook 


Leeds Keep Our NHS Public was reformed in March 2011 due to ongoing Health & Social Bill. We work with Leeds Hospital Alert, York Defend Our NHS and any other KONP/Anti cuts group. We are not politically aligned with any party and welcome help from anyone.

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We have no closed meetings, everyone is always welcome Wednesdays at O’Neill’s side room, Great George St. Contact us for more details

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