Protest 7th March London, 10th March Newcastle

On the 7th March there 3 different NHS protests in London:

  • London March 7th – Hands round St Thomas’ Hospital
  • London March 7th – Lobby Parliament
  • Westminster March 7th – TUC Rally to Save Our NHS

3+ of our members can make it down to London.

On the 10th March we are joining other protestors in Newcastle outside the Lib-dem conference. See our FACEBOOK EVENT

Dear All
Leeds Keep Our NHS Public has constantly protested against the Health and Social Bill. We work with ANYONE to oppose the bill. We are not specifically anti-cuts or anti-liberal democrat, all though some of our members will be.We are not against change or modernisation but this bill appears to boil down to ideology. We appreciate that 4 Liberal Democrat MPs who voted against the Bill. However this bill would not pass without the rest of the Liberal Democrat MPs.

Therefore I/we are very interested in working with anyone who opposes the bill. Please join us in Newcastle/Gateshead. Some of the events are in the Hilton so the location may change. Please let us know if, where and when the Health and Social Bill is discussed. If you cannot make it and are a liberal democrat member then please sign this:

04.03.12 update-

We are joining other protestors at wesley Square for a march/rally from 11am.

Despite more and people coming out against the bill the Condems are ignoring everyone including their own voters. I urge you to fight this bill in any form. They cannot be allowed to destroy our health.


Reasons for been against the bill include, but not limited to:
-Based on false claims of heart and cancer data
-Costly changes that offer no advantage
-Cherry picking
-Competition law will apply
-Fragmentation, multiple companies
-GPS want to practice health not accountancy
-More bureaucracy, recent professor of health announced he did not know what to teach his students! Asked for someone more knowledgeable
-More expensive to run health services
-Patients confused
-Shadowy commissioning boards, private minutes?
-Social care part of bill?
-Undermine patient GP relationship?



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