#FundourNHS Leeds

200 people joined outside Leeds General Infirmary and the march into the city centre. We were also represented on the national march in London

We’ll keep doing this, we will kwep fighting for our NHS


Winter Crisis and the NHS – letter in Yorkshire Evening Post

17 January 2018

Dear Sir,

Dark winter nights are traditionally the time for sharing myths and telling tall tales. For example, in relation to the NHS winter crisis, the government insists that health care is well financed despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Those ideologically opposed to public services blame inefficiency, while a few incriminate migrants. From its foundation up to the year 2010 the NHS always received an annual funding settlement that took account of growing pressures from such factors as an increasing population, more elderly and chronic sick, and new treatments. This rising demand was met by a 4% annual funding increase; reduced for the past eight years to only 1%. The government states correctly that it is giving the NHS more money, while obscuring the reality that a 1% uplift represents an unprecedented funding squeeze, building to a deficit of £22bn by 2020. Together with cuts in social care this is the reason for the current crisis, with hospital overcrowding, cancelled operations, missed targets and staff shortages. Although the world’s 6th largest economy, the UK spends much less per head on health than Germany or France – and less than half the US or Switzerland. Internationally, NHS efficiency is widely recognized, for example by the US Commonwealth Fund that compares different health systems in advanced countries. Health economists generally look at the NHS with amazement at how much it delivers for so little. While the NHS is efficient, the current market in health care is both costly and unnecessary, and of no benefit to patients. Care for overseas visitors is estimated at around 0.3% of total budget. The Government recently introduced charges for migrants, but the cost of collection is proving to be greater than the income generated. The real objective is getting us used to the idea that charging for health care and denying some people treatment is normal. NHS cuts are a political choice, and we could choose to spend more and prioritise health for everyone. It is time for the British public to sweep away the myths and demand that we return to a properly resourced health service before we find ourselves in a land of permanent winter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr John Puntis
Leeds Keep Our NHS Public

Join us over the next few weekends

This Sunday 15th January  2-3.15 stall  outside Virgin Media on Commercial St. near Boots   with national fliers re the  called Winter crisis and Virgin’s growing empire of private health care. Any help appreciated.

Saturday 20th January, Northern Health Campaigns Together Conference at St. George’s Centre Great George St., next to the LGI. The Conference runs from 11 to 4.30. The Conference is free to all but we will be taking donations for lunch, teas/ coffees etc.

Saturday Feb 3rd at 12.30 Meet by the mini roundabout outside Jubilee Wing/ A&E at LGI for the nation- wide day of  protest “ NHS in Crisis : Fix it Now”  called by Health Campaigns Together and The People’s Assembly.  Please pass the word on and help max our impact.

Saturday 14th April we are hoping to hold the annual Yorkshire Health Campaigns Together demonstration in Leeds. We have had a demo in York or Leeds around the beginning of April since the passing of 2012 Health & Social Care Act – this has been a Yorkshire event and might even be a Northern event, watch this space! 

Next meeting of LEEDS Keep Our NHS Public will be on Wednesday 24th January 6.30-8pm in the left hand side room of the Victoria Hotel , Great George St

Leeds KONP on Radio Leeds about ‘winter pressures’

Happy new year everyone! 

Dr John Puntis – about the so called winter pressures which are really year long.

Find it from 11 mins 20 secs on https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05r2k56

Prepare for co-ordinated national action on Jan 27th. There is going to be lots happening this year. 

Please help with planning at our next Leeds KONP mtg on Wed 10th Jan 6.30-8pm n the Victoria Hotel, Grt. George St.

2018 – We are asking Leeds Council

We recently held discussions with councillors and the LA re the Leeds Health and Care Plan and West Yorks and Harrogate STP.

We had a response to a letter to the Pudsey councillors re the Outer West Community Committee. We had a meeting to share concerns with Rebecca Charlwood, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing  Board, Helen Haydon, Head of adults and Health Scrutiny Board, Paul Bollom and Tony Cooke from the LA who are responsible for System Integration and presented our list of Health & Social Care plan ASKS:

1. Insist on figures and evidence – where are the “savings” coming from , what is going to go and with what impact on whom.

2. With the public – TELL NOT SELL and be pro-active.

3. Don’t agree to Sustainability and Transformation Plans that involve cuts and closures of services in other areas. Leeds shouldn’t collude in plans for downgrading or closing services elsewhere, comfortable in the knowledge that Leeds may well profit from others’ loss.  

We should insist changes are clinically not financially driven, based on sound evidence and subject to proper consultation with the affected populations.

4. Resist the setting up of Accountable Care Systems/Organisations, which have no legal status, no proper governance, no mandate from the public or Parliament and carry major risks of fragmenting health care and eroding the NHS. There is plenty of scope for developing more  seamless and integrated care, better prevention of illness, promotion of wellbeing etc without ACOs

5. Don’t give contracts to private firms and don’t set up Special Purpose Vehicles or pursue other “in house” outsourcing as is happening throughout Yorkshire with Facilities and other non- clinical, hospital staff.

Privatisation of health and social care is wrong, unnecessary, wasteful and creates massive instability. (just look at Wakefield’s Academies!)

6. Be very wary of Naylor report/ Phoenix project plans to sell off NHS estate. It is one off fundraiser and there is no guarantee that monies raised will be ploughed back into local health services. With the NHS in dire straits financially, monies can just be sucked up to cover deficits. There is also pressure and incentives to make quick sales, which may not be the best deal, to vacate buildings which have a high sales value regardless of whether the building is needed and to use PFI to bring buildings up to a reasonable standard to put on the market  

7. Join up and stand firm with other Councils to tell the Government Rumpelstiltskin isn’t real!  You can’t knit good health and social care out of split hairs.

Northern Health Campaigns Together Conference and Leeds KONP update

Save the date and tell everyone you know – we’re inviting campaigns from across the North of England. Full speaker list to be confirmed.

20th January 2018, 11 – 4.30, St George’s Conference centre, Leeds, LS1 3BR

Conference Health Campaigns Together Northern Conference


Health Campaigns Together Network HCT Yorks mtg 11.11.17

Leeds KONP KONP LEEDS mtg 22.11.17

The Leeds Health Plan is another privatisation vehicle

Leeds Health Plan and Accountable Care Organisations flier for community committees


This Saturday 2nd December 11- 12.15/30 We will be having a stall outside Virgin Media on Commercial St.( near Boots) .All support appreciated. We will be giving out our merry robin postcards  but will also have some signage  re Virgin’s rip off of the NHS in Surrey. They had the gall to sue the NHS for  not being awarded a contract to run children’s services and have just had a pay out of at least £328,000- all money stolen form patient care and tax pay’s pockets!

Wednesday 13th December 6.30 is the next meeting of Leeds KONP in The VICTORIA HOTEL ( side room) If we are a little delayed getting into the room we will be in the bar

Thursday 14th December 5.30 – 6.30/ 7pm , in Dortmund Square, on the Headrow ( with the barrel man) is our “ No return to pre- war days” BIG  SING . Join us in Dortmund Square at 5.30. Bring friends, family et al and dig out long skirts and shawls, baggy trousers, caps and mufflers, waistcoats  and jackets for “toffs”, We have a few spare “ top hats” . If you can bring a lantern that would be great too. We might move on to Briggate after 6pm for a second round. If you really don’t want to sing, please come along and give out merry robin Save Our NHS postcards instead.

We also really need people to attend their Community Committee meetings over the next few weeks.

Still to come:


Inner South Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 5.00 pm: Civic Hall, Leeds, LS1 1UR.  Contact: Guy Close (0113) 3788667

Inner North West  Thursday, 7th December,  7.00 pm, Brownlee Centre, Bodington Way LS16 8NA Contact: Andy Booth 0113 247 4325

Outer North East Monday 11th December at 5.30 , proposed venue Committee Room 4, Civic Hall Contact: John Grieve 0113 37 88662

Agendas and more info on http://democracy@leeds.gov.uk